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NeonFur convention2018 banner.jpg
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Status Defunct
First iteration October 6-8, 2017
Organizer(s) Dezu
Charity Second Chance Animal Rescue
Subject Furry

NeonFur was a furry convention which was held on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. As of 2024, no plans have been announced for future iterations.




The first iteration of NeonFur took place over October 6-8, 2017,[1] at the Mantra Legends Hotel in Surfer's Paradise.[2]

The convention saw 162 attendees,[3] and raised AU$1885[3] for Second Chance Animal Rescue [4].


The second NeonFur took place October 12-14, 2018,[3] at the Watermark Hotel and Spa, Surfer's Paradise.[5] The convention theme was "Neon Halloween".[5] There were 286 attendees, and $2030 was raised for charity.[6]


NeonFur: Kaiju Madness is to be held November 8-10, 2019 at the Greenmount Hotel in Coolangatta.[7]


NeonFur's mascot is a "crazy party dingo" named Esky.[8] With a species chosen because "everybody loves canines", Esky was designed by Havik, and received his name after several "Australian words" were thrown about.[8]


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