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Status Defunct
First iteration 2004
Final iteration 2009
Organizer(s) ZorroRe
Subject Furry
Resources Photos, videos, reports: UFACon resources
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The UFACon was an annual furry convention in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina. The UFA (Unión Furry Argentina) started this convention in 2004, which was the first furry convention in Argentina. Until 2008, this convention was held in conjunction with Leyendas, an annual comic convention which takes place in that city.

In 2009, UFACon was held as a true furry con, including a dealers room, ice cream social, fursuit parade, lectures, movie projections and a rave. For this event, a whole floor was booked in the Zurich hotel in Rosario City, with the assistance of around 30 people. According to Evorazzo, the event has not been held since 2009 due to some disagreements among the organizers, but a future iteration may be planned as permanent cancellation has not yet been determined.

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