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Furboree (alternatively known as the Australian Furboree) was to be a furry camping convention located in Sydney, Australia.


Originally intended to be a more fully developed version of Camp Wildpaw the Furboree is designed to be a Summer-camp styled convention held in March (early Autumn) which is ideal in terms of the Australian weather. The organiser for the Furboree is Treemeadow, original founder and co-organiser of Camp Wildpaw. She was assisted by several volunteers, including Camp Chef, Arti.


The concept for the Furboree was initially used for early stages of Camp Wildpaw organisation, however, as the Wildpaw events took place, planning for the Furboree developed a distinctive flavour. Camp Wildpaw veterans all agreed that to preserve the "Wildpaw spirit" a new event should be organised with a different ethos.

Each year, Campers were to be placed into one of two different tribes. The tribes would share cabin-accommodation and each would have their own Tribe Leaders (similar to the counselor role). For the duration of the camp, each tribe would earn points for different activities and duties, which can be used to trade for prizes at the end of camp. The tribe names scheduled for 2011 were Wolong and Kayan, named for two forests in the world that are home to endangered species. Wolong, of China, being home to the Great Panda, and Kayan, of Borneo, being home to the Clouded Leopard.

The activities at the Furboree would follow the style of most summer camps- including, but no way limited to, ropes courses, crafts such as Make Your Own Tail and campfire events. Saturday Night was planned to have the Furries-Go-Wild party, with no-talent competitions and loads of furry-party games. During the free-slot in the afternoons, a Dealers Den would operate. Furs can hire a table for $10 an afternoon and sell their furry wares. Also available for fur's free use is a fully stocked Art-Jam space, equipped with art materials and paper.

Proceeds from certain Furboree events in 2011 would have been donated to WWF's Forest Conservation Fund.


The first Furboree was scheduled to be held at the Baden-Powell Scout Centre in Pennant Hills, Sydney. The dates are set were set late-march. In keeping with the United Nations International Year of Forests, the theme for Furboree 2011 was "Forest Furs" Events and activities would be themed around this. In January of 2011, Furboree organizer Treemeadow wrote on the Furstralia forum, the primary communication method for the event's planning discussions, "(Camp Windpaw) is still on the 25th to 27th of March, it is replacing the Furboree." and "I will have to pay a cancellation fee to the BPSC"[1], indicating that many of Furboree's plans would be integrated into the existing Camp Windpaw event.


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Information concerning the Furboree can be found in the NSW Meets and Camp Wildpaw sections of Furstralia, the Australian furry forum administrated by Zwabbe [www.furstralia.com]