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Status Ongoing
First iteration October 26-28, 2012
Organizer(s) Keefur
Charity Tiger Haven[1]
Subject Furry
Fangcon (edit)
Fangcon 2012
Fangcon 2013
Fangcon 2014
Fangcon 2015
Fangcon 2016
Fangcon 2017
No Convention in 2018
Fangcon 2019
Fangcon 2020

Fangcon staff
Fangcon guests of honor

Fangcon is an annual furry convention. It was held in Tennessee, USA until 2016. Due to disputes with the hotel and NCAA College football season, Fangcon moved to Birmingham for the 2016 convention, and remained in Birmingham for 2017, where it was held at the [Doubletree by] Hilton Birmingham Perimeter Park. The event skipped a year, but Fangcon 2019 took place on January 9-13, 2019 with special guests Agents of Mirth. Fangcon 2020's theme is Howlywood.

As of March 2021 the web site is down. Unsure if this convention is canceled or not.

Guests of Honor[edit]

The Guests of Honor at Fangcon have been:


Like many furry conventions, Fangcon features a different theme every year.

  • 2012: Musicals
  • 2013: Carnival/circus
  • 2014: The 60s
  • 2015: Never, Nevfur Land
  • 2016: Furballs: The Web Page
  • 2017: Fangtropolis
  • 2019: Fangtropolis: Disco InFURno!
  • 2020: Fangtropolis: Howlywood


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