Austin Furry Burlesque

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Austin Furry Burlesque
AFB banner-small.jpg
Status Cancelled
First iteration January 8-9, 2021
Organizer(s) Austinfurs[1]
Subject Furry
Scarlett, AFB's mascot

Austin Furry Burlesque (AFB) was a proposed furry convention that was to be held in Austin, Texas in January 8 to 9, 2021 in the Austin-Pflugerville Courtyard Marriott.[2] AFB 2021 has been cancelled due to COVID-19 and all registrations refunded. Scheduling of a new event was to occur once past the pandemic. As of the end of 2023, no further updates have been provided.


Austin Furry Burlesque was themed after a stage burlesque show[3] and planned to have a drag show and fashion-themed events such as a fursuit catwalk in addition to furry convention mainstays like a Dealer's Den, Artist's Alley, panels and so on. This theme was chosen as a nod to Austin having a strong queer community and being a hub for weirdness in Texas, as well as an indication that it was aimed at an adult audience.

Austin Furry Burlesque was planned to be an 18+ convention, a safe space for adults, where attendees could be playful and provocative without the logistics of accommodating an underage audience.


Scarlett Reputation is AFB's mascot and all-purpose matron. She has been keeping Austin weird since she broke onto the scene with her one-woman burlesque production of Carrie, The Musical.

Associated events[edit]

The organization behind AFB, Austinfurs, also runs a monthly park meetup in North Austin called Park Bark, and the Austin Furry Dance event.


Current boardmembers:


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