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Aussie Gather, or AusGather, was a name used by several retreat style Australian furmeets where furries and otherkin gathered to share events such as talks, costuming, exploring local attractions, and watching demonstrations of fun or interesting skills.

AusGather I[edit]

The first AusGather I was held September 28 to October 4, 2002 in Melbourne, with 26 attendees at the Melbourne Metro YHA (formerly Queensberry Hill).

AusGather II[edit]

The second gathering was originally planned to be held in Sydney in December 2003,[1] but was postponed until January 2004.[2] 42 people attended, and were accommodated at the Alfred Park Budget Hostel. One of the organizers was Raki.

AusGather III[edit]

AusGather III was floated as an idea for the Queen's Birthday weekend on June 8, 2008 in Canberra. Organizers included Juzbunny, Jery Softpaw, Kell Bengal and Kraden.

In the months prior to the planned event, Kraden left to focus on MiDFur committee tasks, and Kell Bengal was unable to devote time due to submitting his doctoral thesis; the event was ultimately scrubbed.


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