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Sin City Murr Con was a kink friendly adult furry convention in Las Vegas organized by Corgi Events. An 18+ event, it billed itself as the first furry convention of its type.


Its first iteration was initially scheduled for 26-28, June 2020 at the Renaissance Hotel[1] but the COVID-19 global pandemic forced a postponement to February 19-21, 2021.[2] On January 7, 2021, The Sin City Murr Con Twitter announced another postponement of the convention,[3] with no set date. A September 2021 Twitter announcement confirmed the first event to take place February 4-6, 2022.[4]

Sin City Murr Con 2022 was held as planned, with 815 attendees and $7,697 raised for charity.[5] However, the event did not announce any further dates at closing ceremonies, and when AEIOU took over Corgi Events' furry convention portfolio, Sin City Murr Con was not included in the transfer, leaving the convention in indefinite hiatus.


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