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The title of this article is incorrect due to technical limitations. The correct title is #australia (IRC channel).

#australia is a channel on FurNet (IRC) frequented by furries from the country of Australia. Established[1] in November 2008 as a literally anarchical alternative channel to #ozfurs, #australia's owners run the channel without any (obvious) channel operators. As of 2015, this channel's registration has lapsed and is devoid of any users.

Channel rules[edit]

The channel has three rules:

  1. No spamming, flooding or other activity that technically impedes the ability of channel participants to chat.
  2. Ops aren't to be used except to enforce this first rule.
  3.  :3


  1. The request for the third Australian furry channel in a single month met with concern from FurNet administrators, including some #ozfurs staff, but was ultimately successful.

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