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Coffee Night was a weekly coffee meet held in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Every Tuesday night, a group of furs went to a local cafe or restaurant for food, coffee and general social mayhem. Up to 20+ furs had been known to show up, with the general starting time being 7:00-7:30pm. Quite a few were known to show up with their sketchbooks for a night of scribbling, and as such earnt the name 'The Artists' from the Coffee Club staff.


Coffee Night began when Dimenianz, Nikita Wolfpaw, MistyStriker and Jaffa Ferel randomly went out for coffee one night, and the suggestion was made that they continue doing it. Rather soon, Bingo Dingo joined the mix and Coffee Night became a regular Tuesday night gathering at the Mt. Coot-tha cafè.


As the attending numbers grew, Coffee Night was moved to the Indooroopilly Coffee Club. Being easily accessed by public transport, numbers grew again and they became known as regulars, even going so far as to learn the name of the chef who worked every Tuesday night. However, due to the majority of attendants living on the south side of Brisbane, and Indooroopilly being in the north, the location of Coffee Night changed yet again to a Coffee Club in Mount Gravatt. This relocation lasted only a few weeks as the general consensus was that the food was of lower quality than their previous location.

After a little more hunting, the Coffee Club in Stones Corner was selected as the new home of Coffee Night then after complications with the Coffee Club it was moved after some debate to Fasta Pasta (also in Stones Corner). Fasta Pasta has since closed due to the Brisbane 2011 flooding and moved to the temporary location of the Southside Sport & Community Club in upper Mount Gravatt.

The meet was eventually disbanded after the emergence of Central Brisbane Furmeet, held on the same night in South Bank.


MistyStriker, Bingo Dingo, Dimruthien VerenLaulaja, FlameDrake, Foxy Malone, Milesway, Nikita Wolfpaw, Dalfox, Flicker, topher-the-tiger, Hammond, Dash, SeraVitae, es02, Moreth, Tyresk, LilMissNorti, Marcie, Rose Quoll, Zyteil, Stephen Quoll, Whyrl, Adders, IncB, Electra, DJ, espfox, Joeyjoejoe, Jaystoat.

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