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Camp Wildpaw was an annual furry campout held in the Watagan Mountains, NSW, Australia.[1] A closed event capped at 15-20 attendees each year costing around AUD$30[2], this outdoor furmeet event describes itself as as the anti-thesis of every organised event ever, with an equally descriptive motto "Ambitious...but rubbish!".[citation needed]

Camp Wildpaw 1.0 (Easter 2009) was organized by Treemeadow and Rob Wolven, and had an attendance of 10.

Camp Wildpaw 2 occured over the weekend of April 16-19 with an attendance of 13.

Camp Wildpaw 3, was scheduled for March 25-27, 2011. It was to replace the planned Furboree, according to Treemeadow,[3] but did not take place.

Camp Wildpaw 4 has been announced for April 20-22, with 25 furs expected to attend the event is at full capacity.


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External links[edit]

  • - Camp Wildpaw official site (defunct as of March 31, 2011; not archived at
  • Camp Wildpaw 2009 photos in Rob Wolven's gallery
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