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ConFurence East (edit)
Furtasticon (1994)
ConFurence East 1995
ConFurence East 1996
MoreFurCon (1997)

ConFurence East staff
ConFurence East guests of honor
Not to be confused with Furtastic, a Danish convention.

Furtasticon was a prototype furry convention held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania November 18–20, 1994. It grew out of the need for a separate event as a result of perceived anti-furry prejudice at the annual Philcon science fiction convention and helped established a presence on the East Coast for future furry-themed events such as Anthrocon.

Organized on only a few months of advance notice, the convention was chaired by Trish Ny and was held at the Holiday Inn next to the Adam's Mark hotel that was later the home of Anthrocon. Attendance estimates ranged from 230[1] to about 300.[2]

Furtasticon evolved into ConFurence East in Elizabeth, New Jersey the following year, which was later moved to Cleveland, Ohio and renamed MoreFurCon.


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