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Status Registration open
First iteration December 20-23, 2012
Final iteration September 15-18, 2016
Organizer(s) Soron
Charity Varies
Subject Furry
Resources Photos, videos, reports: FurryCon (New York) resources

FurryCon was a heavily themed convention that took place in Rochester, New York, USA on or about the third weekend in September between 2012 and 2016.[1] It was put on by the Kanouse Entertainment Group.


Furry End of the World flyer
Main article: Furry End of the World Convention

The Furry End of the World Convention was the first in what would become the FurryCon series of conventions. Billed as "The Last Furry Convention Ever!!!", it was held in Rochester, New York from December 20-23; the date coincided with the end of a cycle of the Mayan long count calendar on December 21, 2012, which has been interpreted has a doomsday prophecy.

Attendance was 278,[2] and $1200 was raised for WolfGem to cover medical expenses.


A December 2013 event to be titled Furry CON(spiracy) was cancelled on May 1, 2013 due to Soron's family obligations.[3] The "next Rochester Fur Con" themed "A Game of Con Chairs" was announced on the same day.[4]



FurryCon 2014 took place over May 8-11, 2014.[1] The convention theme was the first season in a series of three called Game of Con Chairs which is based on the popular series Game of Thrones.[1] The convention was heavily themed (costumes, convention space decorations, roleplaying by staff and GoHs (called house leaders) and was based around a game to become the next season's honorary con chair. SomaCat (a furry from south east Pennsylvania), of House Taurgaryen was proclaimed the winner of Season 1 at closing ceremonies and is returning as honorary con chair for Season 2 (2015).[1]


House Leaders (Guests of Honor)[edit]

House Bearathon (Ruling house season 1)

  • House Words (motto): "Ours is the Furry"
  • Was to be led by Foxwell,[5] unfortunately Foxwell was unable to attend in 2014 due to personal reasons.

House Bark

House Foxish

  • House Words (motto): "Cuteness is Power"
  • Led by Etheras[5]

House Lyonstare

  • House Words (motto): "Hear us Roar!"
  • Led by: Draconis (aka Calamity Cougar) and Keefur (aka Cutter Cat)[5]

House Taurgaryen

  • House Words (motto): "Two Sets of Claws and Four Paws"
  • Led by: Roxikat[5]

Facts and Figures[edit]

  • Attendance: 313 [1]
  • Panels held: 34
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards given for: 3 Magic the Gathering tournaments, poker tournament, 5 video game tournaments, Fursuit games (6 events and one overall trophy), dance competition, and costume contest.
  • Event Note: Soron's mother passed away at the start of the convention


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Game of Con Chairs Season 2: War is Coming

FurryCon 2015, held over May 21-25, was the second year in a three year convention theme series based on Game of thrones, titled "A Game of Con Chairs Season Two: War is Coming".

The convention saw 294 attendees.[6]

Planned House Leaders (GoHs)[edit]

House Avarryn House Words (motto): "Soar as High as Honor!"


House Bark House Words (motto): "Never Send a Dog to do a Fox's Job" Hixbi Fox

Additional GoHs for 2015 are TBA.[citation needed]

Returning in 2015 are House Lyonstare Draconis and Keefur

House Foxish Etheras

Planned Events[edit]

All registration levels receive access to:

  • Panels: Throughout the weekend
  • Con suite: Friday through Monday
  • Cocktail reception: Thursday Evening
  • Dances: Friday and Saturday nights 9-3am
  • Musical Performances: Throughout the weekend
  • Open Bar(frozen drinks): Friday and Saturday nights at Dances
  • Pool Party with Cookout: Sunday Afternoon/Evening
  • Video Game Tournaments: Throughout the weekend
  • Game Tournaments: Throughout the weekend
  • MTG: Friday Noon-5, Saturday 11:30-3:30, Sunday Noon-4
  • Poker: Saturday Night
  • Fursuit Games: Saturday and Sunday
  • Fursuit Parade: Saturday
  • Furry Drama Show: Sunday evening
  • Dance Competition: Saturday Early Evening
  • Closing Ceremonies: Monday ~1pm

Royalty and Persons of Tile registrations (super sponsors) will additionally receive:

  • A kings feast: Saturday
  • The Royal Wine Tasting: Saturday



FurryCon 2016 took place in September 15-18, 2016, in Rochester, New York.[7] The theme was "A Game of Con Chairs Season 3: The Final Season".[7]


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