Emerald's Fur Summit

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Emerald's Fur Summit
EFS Logo 2018.png
Emerald's Fur Summit logo
Status Ongoing
First iteration April 29, 2017 (as Emerald Fur Con)

Sept 21-23, 2018 (as Emerald's Fur Summit)

Organizer(s) Open Coast Anthropomorphic Enterprises, Inc.
Subject Furry
Resources Photos, videos, reports: Emerald's Fur Summit resources

Emerald's Fur Summit is a convention held annually in Pensacola, Florida, USA.[1]

The first year's convention featured an event's programme which included panels, workshops, a dealers corner, and fursuit games.[2]


Emerald's Fur Summit (edit)
Emerald Fur Con (2017)
Emerald's Fur Summit 2018
Emerald's Fur Summit 2020

Emerald's Fur Summit staff
Emerald's Fur Summit guests of honor

The convention was founded in 2017 as Emerald Fur Con by Kabba (Corporate Fox) who had earned credibility with the local fandom through running successful events[3][4] and fostering a more open, active and engaged community[5][6].

Kabba, who was aware of the furry convention "dead zone" within the 250 mile radius of Pensacola[7], intended to launch the project once the local community was energized, hoping to garner their essential support for his fledgling convention. Unlike established conventions, Emerald Fur Con took place in a single day and was self-financed by Kabba who offered it to the public at no cost to them.[1]

After the success of Emerald Fur Con, it was announced that the convention would return in 2018 as a full three-day convention[8] under the name Emerald's Fur Summit[9].


Convention year Attendance
Emerald Fur Con 2017 126[10]
Emerald's Fur Summit 2018 235[11]


As of April 2019, the staff leads were:[12]


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