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CBRFUR (Canberra Furries Under the Radar; also Fur Con Canberra[1]) is a small furry convention based in Canberra, ACT, Australia, and hosted (as of 2018) at the Pavilion on Northbourne hotel, with a focus on trips out to regional landmarks for fursuit photography.

CBRFUR was originally a "fur car-meet" hosted at and with accommodation at Capital Executive Apartments on Northbourne Avenue.


CBRFUR is based around several different activities involving cars and fursuiting around Australia's capital city. Previous activities have included:

The registration fee includes some food and use of the event space as well as a badge and a lanyard; external venues and parking often cost extra.


Original CBRFUR logo, used until late 2015

CBRFUR2 took place over 2-3 February 2013.[2] There were at least 10 fursuiters.[3]


CBRFUR3 took place over 20-21 July 2013.[4] Events included a trip to Telstra Tower.[5]


CBRFUR4 took place on 21-23 February 2014.[6]

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CBRFUR5 took place on 14-16 November 2014.[7] This was the first event to take place at the Pavilion on Northbourne.


CBRFUR6 banner

CBRFUR6 took place on 24-26 July 2015.[8] Events included trips to the National Arboretum Canberra,[9] and Tidbinbilla.[10] as well as a night shoot at Telstra Tower.[11] The "Titanium Ultra Mega" registration level included a logo'd T-shirt, sticker, and the opportunity to have your own picture on your badge.[12] There were at least 24 fursuiters.[13]


One sponsor package featured custom T-shirts

CBRFUR7 took place 10-13 June 2016.[14] 68 indicated that they "went" on Facebook, and there were at least 21 fursuiters.[15] Events included a lunch at Brodburger, a repeat of the Friday-night photoshoot up Telstra Tower, BBQ at Cotter, a visit to the National Gallery of Australia,[16] a trip to Tidbinbilla,[15] playing with HTC Vibe VR sets,[17] and fursuit games.

The customizable badges returned for "Gold level mega sponsor" registration, along with a T-shirt with the CBRFUR logo and a picture of tails,[18] optionally printed with a fursona name;[19] however, custom T-shirts with headshots created by Lady Rain (WinterSnoWolf) combined with the CBRFUR logo were created for "Carbon super mega ultra black titanium" sponsors.[20] A collection of headshots was also added to the lanyard.[21]


CBRFUR8 took place 11-13 November 2016 at the Pavilion on Northbourne Hotel.[22] Scheduled events included a trip to the Australian National Botanic Gardens, a lunch at the Cotter Reserve, a visit to Tidbinbilla, and a fursuit walk in the Cockington Green miniature village.[23][24]

As before, a registration package option featured individual headshots on t-shirts; this was replaced in subsequent years by a universal CBRFUR design.[25]

CBRFUR 2017[edit]

CBRFUR 2017 (CBRFUR9[26]) took place 17-19 November 2017 at the Pavilion on Northbourne Hotel.[25] Scheduled events included lunch at the Capital Brewing Co., a visit and fursuit walk at Questacon, lunch at the Cotter Reserve and a visit to Tidbinbilla, socializing and VR games.[27]

CBRFUR 2018[edit]

CBRFUR 2018 (CBRFUR10) took place 16-18 November 2018 at the Pavilion on Northbourne Hotel.[28] Scheduled events included fursuiting and photography at Telstra Tower, BBQ lunch at the Cotter Reserve, a trip to the Googong Reservoir, socializing and VR games, and bean bags.[29]


CBRFUR Pty Ltd (ABN 13 603 344 529, ACN 603 344 529) is a private company limited by shares, registered 15 December 2014.[30] Initially noted as active in the Australian Capital Territory, it moved to New South Wales in 2015.

CBRFUR registered the business name Harbour City Fur Con from 28 July 2016 to 7 December 2017, and is marked as owning the copyright on furcon.com.au which hosts both events.

Staff represented as being involved with in CBRFUR in 2014-15:[31][32]

The organizers have represented CBRFUR as part of a wider group, Furries Under the Radar, including the organizers of more car-centric events FURRED and Smash-Up.


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