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Status Discontinued
First iteration September 2008
Organizer(s) Futrzakon Organizing Committee Team
Subject Furry
Resources Photos, videos, reports: Futrzakon resources
Futrzakon (edit)
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Futrzakon 2008
Futrzakon 2009
Futrzakon 2010
Futrzakon 2011

Futrzakon staff
Futrzakon guests of honor

Futrzakon (replaced in 2012 by Futerkon) was the first full-scale furry convention organized in Poland. The first edition of the con took place in September of 2008. The name of the con quite simply derives from the Polish words for Furry (Futrzak) and Convention (Konwent). The convention was organized in conjunction with heavy support from the polfurs.org web service, which provided site coding, publicity and hosting.


As the only furry convention in Poland as of July 30, 2012, Futrzakon caters to a population of several hundred, based on the active user count of the Polfurs.org community that supports it. Many of these users are unable or unwilling to travel abroad to other conventions in Europe, and Futrzakon was predicted to not have enough accommodations to satisfy all the demand. Futrzakon 2010 attempted to address these concerns with a change of venue to a larger space that had more accommodations; however, only 77 attendees made it to that iteration.

New formula[edit]

Convention was officially terminated after 2011 edition, when all three organizers at that point of time - Kyubi , Kot , Gravedigger - decided to redesign convention upon new fundaments and targets. New re-designed convention was called Futerkon and is direct successor of Futrzakon.

See also[edit]

  • Futerkon, Futrzakon's direct successor
  • Furstock is another large gathering of furries in Poland


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