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Great Lakes Fur Con (edit)
Great Lakes Fur Con 2014
Great Lakes Fur Con 2015
Great Lakes Fur Con 2016
Great Lakes Fur Con 2017

Great Lakes Fur Con staff
Great Lakes Fur Con guests of honor

Great Lakes Fur Con (GLFC) was an annual furry convention which took place in Grand Rapids, Michigan between 2014 and 2016. It first took place over February 7-9, 2014,[1] at the Ramada Plaza in Grand Rapids.[1]

The convention website stated "In December 2012, Lamper announced at a local bowling meet that he wanted to start a furry convention in Grand Rapids, MI. He was soon joined by Palasm, Kira Tora, Inola and Shooter Fox and together they began to work on what is now Great Lakes Fur Con."[1]

The last instance was in 2016; a subsequent instance was cancelled two weeks prior to due to resignation of several staff.[2] A 2018 resurrection was promised, but failed to materialize, allegedly without refunding some dealers.[3][4][5]


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