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The Jack Lynch Mysteries are a series of six semi-furry hardboiled detective SF stories by Clint Warlick totaling around 36,500 words, five of which were published in Yarf! between 1991 and 1997. Clint dropped out of the fandom and stopped writing the series, but surfaced in 2004 in the Dealers' Den of the first Califur with a self-published collection of all six stories. The stories appear to be set in a future San Francisco Bay area with a deliberately "retro" atmosphere, and feature the essential slavery of semi-human genetic constructs created in the wake of a worldwide pandemic. The protagonist is faced with classic detective problems, such as tracking down missing persons, solving murders, and saving beautiful women from danger. (more...)

Left to right: Merlitz, Photophie, Miss Mab, Pip, Wildy, Daniel Ti'Fiona and Jyrras

Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures (or DMFA) is a furry web comic by Amber Panyko. It updates three times a week, normally on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and recently celebrated its 600th strip. The comic is partially based off of the online game Furcadia and several of the main characters are based off of the artist's friends there.

DMFA began in 1998, when Amber promised a shrine of sorts on Furcadia to anyone who could find a particular song for her. When a friend who went by the name of Daniel Ti'Fiona found the song in question, Amber made good on her promise and created the shrine. As a joke, she added a sign proclaiming "Coming soon: the Misadventures of Daniel Ti'Fiona, the comic!" Daniel took this seriously and prodded her to start the comic until she gave in, posting the first comic in 1999.

Initially featuring Daniel and Miss Mab, the cast of the comic soon expanded, including both friends of Amber's on Furcadia and characters of her own creation. Later on in 1999, the comic fell into a hiatus for about a year. Amber resumed comic production in 2000, and the comic has been updating steadily ever since.

The comic's arcs revolve around the adventures and misadventures of the cast. Most of these exploits are whimsical and humorous, sometimes parodizing aspects of popular culture. Most events occur in or around an inn/pub called Lost Lake. The first five arcs are in black and white. Starting in the middle of the sixth arc, the comic has been in color. (comic - more...)

Upcoming events
May 4-6: FurDU (QLD)
May 5: Furstrike (RJ)
May 8-12: WUFF
May 10-13: Biggest Little Fur Con (NV)
May 10-13: Mephit Mini Con
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May 24-28: ZodiaCon
May 25-29: ConFuzzled
May 25-27: Furlandia (OR)
Jun 2: Furrymosa
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Jul 20: LondonFurs Summer Weekender
Jul 20-21: FurrySiesta (TX)
Jul 21-22: Itty Bitty Fur Con (AZ)
Jul 27-29: Harbour City Fur Con (NSW)
Jul 29: Super Furry Fusion (SH)
Aug 2-6: Campfire Tails (OR)
Aug 3-5: CanFURence (ON)
Aug 3-5: Megaplex (FL)
Aug 10-12: Anthro Weekend Utah (UT)
Aug 10-12: Furrydelphia (PA)
Aug 11-12: Wild Prairie Fur Con (MB)
Aug 15-19: Futerkon
Aug 17-19: Tiny Paws Con (CT)
Aug 17-19: Brasil FurFest (SP)
Aug 22-26: Eurofurence
Aug 23-27: Camp Feral! (ON)
Aug 24-26: FA: United (VA)
Aug 24-26: IndyFurCon (IN)
Aug 24-26: DenFur (CO)
Aug 31-Sep 2: Mephit Furmeet (MS)
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Oct 26-28: Furpocalypse (CT)
Oct 27-Nov 3: Furry Cruise (FL)
Oct 27-28: Infurnity
Oct 31-Nov 4: Flüüfff
2018 (cont)
Nov 2-4: Furoween
Nov 3-4: Kemocon
Nov 8-11: Anthro Northwest (WA)
Nov 16-18: Fur Out West (WA)
Nov 28-Dec 2: Midwest FurFest (IL)
Dec 29-Jan 1: Furvester
2018 TBA
Jun 2018?: Kemono Square
Jun 2018?: CampFur (BC)
Sep 2018?: Zampacon
Oct 2018?: Furcation
Oct 2018?: Fangcon (AL)
Oct 2018?: KCFur Howl (MO)
Oct 2018?: Furloween (FL)
Oct 2018?: HerbstCon
Oct 2018?: Kemoket
Nov 2018?: ScotiaCon
Nov 2018?: Howloween (BC)
Nov 2018?: Arizona Fur Con (AZ)
Nov 2018?: Morph Parade
Nov 2018?: Wild Things (CA)
Dec 31: LAFF New Years Eve (IL)
Jan 11-13: Aquatifur (WI)
Jan 17-21: Further Confusion (CA)
Jan 18-20: Anthro Crossroads East (NC)
Feb 22-24: Anthro New England (MA)
Feb 27-Mar 3: NordicFuzzCon
Mar 6-9: Furcamp (SP)
Mar 7-10: VancouFur (BC)
Mar 9: Furboliche (SP)
Mar 15-17: Furnal Equinox (ON)
Mar 15-17: Fur the 'More (VA)
Mar 28-31: Furry Fiesta (TX)
Apr 5-7: Pine Fur Con (ME)
Apr 12-14: Motor City Furry Con (MI)
Apr 26-28: Atlantic City Fur Con (NJ)
May 9-13: Furry Weekend Atlanta (GA)
2019 TBA
Jan 2019?: Rusfurence
Feb 2019?: ConFurgence (VIC)
Feb 2019?: Fur Squared (WI)
Feb 2019?: FurCoNZ
Feb 2019?: Gdakon
Mar 2019?: Gateway Fur Meet (MO)
Mar 2019?: Camping paws
Apr 2019?: Rose City Fursanity (TX)
Apr 2019?: Wild Nights (OK)
Jun 2019?: Califur (CA)
Oct 2019: Furrnion

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