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Further North (or FURther North[1]) is a furry convention which first took place in 2012 in Norway starting on November 16.[2] There were "over 50 attendees" registered.[3]

Events at Further North in 2012 included a dance with music played by DJ Aikho.[4]

The second Further North was planned for November 15-17 2013, "somewhere close to Oslo" in Norway.[5] Further North 2013 was cancelled.

Founder Tellos stated on the website forum on June 10 2013 "Due to a host of reasons, the convention has been called off for this year. We are still working on it, but as of this year, we will not be hosting the convention."[6]

One of the issues was PayPal freezing the convention's prepaid funds, compromising their ability to pay suppliers.

Staff and volunteers[edit]

The people credited for Further North 2012 are:

Further North (convention)


Co-organizer: SarahLynx

Art: Templa

Music and DJ: Aikho

Event Manager: Skarpen

Security Chief: Emphy

Technician : Burr

Driver: Nokiakiller Burr Ziggy

Location: Leophan

Web: Kal Vee Templa Emphy

Gophers: Tarquil Kazookie Piro Logen Felxon Regandor Fangz Vee Svedge[7]

Further North (convention)


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