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Central Plains Furmeet also in Kansas is a different camping event.
A group shot from CMF 2011.

The Central Midwest Furmeet (or CMF) was an outdoor camping style furmeet held at the Capitol City KOA campground near Topeka, Kansas. The event is held during the beginning of September. Central Midwest Furmeet allows people in and around the Kansas City area to have a local convention experience to attend, especially if they are unable to attend larger gatherings. Central Midwest Furmeet emphasizes small group activities and a sense of community through activities including campfires, music, and large group games like Capture the Flag.

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Central Midwest Furmeet 2010[edit]

The first Central Midwest Furmeet was held on 11-12 September 2010 at Clinton Lake, Kansas campground Camp Bloomington West. It was conceptualized by Steel the Wolf and Riyeko. In May 2010 Riyeko posted on Fur Affinity "happy to announce that with Steels help and looking around, brainstorming and just basically getting to know each other, C.M.F. is going to take place this year in September, in a small place in Kansas."[1] Although Riyeko had to withdraw from the planning stage because of personal reasons, the event was still held. A grand total of 22 attendees were present.

Central Midwest Furmeet 2011[edit]

CMF 2011 was held on September 9-11, 2011 at Bloomington West group park at Clinton Lake near Lawrence, Kansas. There were 33 total attendees present. Activities included Capture the Flag, Kickball, Foursquare, and a charity art raffle in addition to camp fires and meals. The charity art raffle raised $237 for Pet Connection, a no kill animal shelter, and featured pieces from artists Iggi, Danny Fang, and Solid Steel Productions.

Central Midwest Furmeet 2012[edit]

CMF 2012 was held over September 14-16, 2012, at the Capital City KOA campground in Topeka, Kasas.[2]


On April 22, 2013 Steel the Wolf posted:

Central Midwest Furmeet
In the past few months I have come to the conclusion that I will not be able to organize and host CMF 4. I will be away for the entirety of this summer. When I come back I will have to be focused on my graduate school search, various projects, the GRE, and taking my general classes. All of this paints a picture that is incompatible with organizing the event.

I have had fun hosting CMF over the past three years, but I have arrived at the unfortunate reality of being a college student preparing for graduate studies. I apologize to those who will inevitably be let down. I still have all of the assets and information for hosting the event and would be willing to give guidance if anyone would like to take up the mantle.[3]

Central Midwest Furmeet


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