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Furry Book of Style
Policies and guidelines

WikiFur is a cooperative attempt to record information of use to the furry community. Yes, that's a broad statement! If it's related in any way to furry community or culture, chances are it's worth mentioning on WikiFur. You are the best judge of that, so be bold in updating pages!

The above is a Wikipedia guideline. In general, Wikipedia policies and guidelines are good things to follow here, too, because they've been tried and tested over time. Many topics here may also be covered to an extent in Wikipedia; we aim to cover furry topics to a greater depth than might be considered appropriate for a general-purpose encyclopaedia.

As such, a few exceptions to Wikipedia customs include:

  • Our tolerance of vanity pages is much higher. If there is anything about a person which might be of interest to the community, it is worth recording. If you are writing about yourself, you might want to put personal activities or contact details on your wiki user page, then link to it from the main page about you (note that the latter is community-edited - it's not "your page"). For an example of the difference, see User:GreenReaper and GreenReaper.
  • As a generalization of the above, you should not be concerned if what you write is only of interest to a small group of people. Purely personal projects or websites might be best discussed on a page about you, or on your wiki user page, but almost anything has a place somewhere.

WikiFur's purpose[edit]

WikiFur is (mostly) a collaborative project by the furry fandom to build an encyclopedia for and about itself. It is freely editable and aims for a neutral point of view. For more information, see what WikiFur is, and what it is not, as well as checking out the Community Central. Please note that while we may make reasonable attempts to ensure the factual basis of articles, we can't check everything, and so WikiFur may contain errors or omissions. If you see such a problem, the best solution is to fix it yourself!

If you'd like to know a bit about the history of WikiFur, and why and how we differ from similar projects like Wikipedia, you could read GreenReaper's manifesto, WikiFur - a home for the furry community, and his subsequent LiveJournal promotion, WikiFur - By and for the furry community. Please note that though the vision has stayed relatively constant, some details may have changed.

A request about personal disagreements[edit]

One thing - there has often been and probably always will be conflict between people and groups within our community, as with every community. It would be nice if these conflicts did not spread to here. Please do not use the Wiki as a platform for your personal disagreements. The policy against personal attacks does apply to WikiFur.

If you think something you type is likely to be taken as a personal attack, or derogatory to another person in the community, please consider whether you could phrase it in a more neutral way. If in doubt as to how to do this, ask one of the curators how to word it, or even to add it in for you. Remember that there are always other pages you could be editing, so if you find yourself in an argument with someone, try writing on another page for a while; after all, you can always come back later!

Thank you for reading. :-)

WikiFur's content rating[edit]

Censor panda nyr.png

This site is not yet rated as a whole. While the majority of content is unlikely to rise above PG, there are several areas that may warrant a higher rating - use common sense while surfing (and editing). Remember that language or content you feel offended by may not be objectionable to others. Please ensure that anything you add is within German law (where the server is hosted) - if you have to check, ask yourself if it really needs including!


There are several forms of statistics that can be viewed if you're interested:

  • The wikistats give a good idea of how we're doing. They are updated weekly. See also the growth animation (Firefox 3+ required).
  • The local statistics has information on pageviews and number of pages, among other things - in theory we have 23,105 pages. See also the articles with most revisions and most-linked articles. offers multi-site statistics based on this.
  • The Statistics Record and stats in comparison pages show WikiFur's growth over time and its comparison to other major wikis based upon the information on the Statistics pages of each.
  • WikiFur has a Google Analytics account, which provides various reports used by the furry cabal, both to measure the results of their promotional activities and as a guide to future development. To gain access to these, please contact GreenReaper. You do not need to be a colleague, you just need a Gmail or Google account.
  • Alexa and Quantcast offer rough traffic-measurement and ranking statistics. As of October 2009, WikiFur's traffic is insufficient for these sites to offer statistically significant details in all areas - see Analytics for a better picture.

WikiFur web buttons[edit]

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WikiFur button (alternative)

You might want to use one of these buttons to link to WikiFur, although if you have a design of your own, feel free to use it - and thanks! When linking, use either or (or to link to a particular topic).

RSS/Atom newsfeeds[edit]

Want great links to ever-changing furry content for your websites/news portals? Use WikiFur's newsfeeds! You'll probably want the recent changes feed (rss, atom), but there are also feeds for new pages (rss, atom) and other dynamic pages - just look for the rss or atom links in the toolbox at the left of these pages.

Database downloads[edit]

WikiFur provides daily backups. You are welcome to use copies of WikiFur's database in accordance with our license and service mark restrictions.