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Below is a list of furry LiveJournal communities, alphabetical by heading. As of 13 October 2013, LiveJournal's search by interest listed 342 communities interested in "furry". This does not completely overlap with related interests, such as anthropomorphics (173), furries (324), furs (192), fursuits (158), yiff (89), et cetera.


[edit] Art

* marks communities are not exclusively furry.

[edit] Furry art

[edit] Art exchanges

[edit] Art projects

[edit] Art archives

[edit] Conventions

[edit] Convention events

[edit] Costuming and fursuits

  • Adult Material:

[edit] Events

[edit] Interests

[edit] Languages other than English

[edit] Location

[edit] Africa

[edit] Asia

[edit] Regions

[edit] Countries

[edit] Europe

[edit] Regions

[edit] Countries

[edit] North America

[edit] Canada

[edit] Regions
[edit] Provinces

[edit] Mexico

[edit] United States

[edit] Regions
[edit] States

[edit] South America

[edit] Australia

[edit] Other

  •   bfnf - Bum Fuk Nowhere Furs

[edit] Occupations and hobbies

[edit] Opinions and politics

[edit] Critics and anti-furries

[edit] Religions, faiths, and spirituality

[edit] Sexuality and relationships

[edit] Species

[edit] Traits

[edit] Websites

[edit] References

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