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The Perthfur Gathering (or PFG) is a large, bi-annual furmeet that takes place in Perth, Western Australia.


The PFG is a free-form event, providing a large open space for attendees with only a few scheduled activities. Furs are encouraged to create their own fun, spawning a range of memorable happenings, from a race with giant inflatable toys to an impromptu dealers den. The event is open to all furries (and furry-friendly non-furs), and has previously attracted attendees from country towns and other Australian states. Fursuits and other furry attire are welcome, as are sketchbooks, electronic devices and cameras.

One meal is typically provided (usually lunch), while attendees are encouraged to make their own arrangements for the other. BYO alcohol is permitted however, due to the venue, this does not exclude under-18s from attending.

Traditionally, smaller warm-up and follow-up events are held on either side of the gathering.

PFG 6 was scheduled for October, 2012, and was to be themed around Halloween.[1]. However, on September 29, 2012, Flair announced on Perthfurs that the 2012 iteration is cancelled due to an understaffed organizing committee.[2]

A replacement yearly event for furries from Perth and surrounding areas was announced as being in the planning stages.[3] This new event will continue many of the traditions established by the original Perthfur Gatherings, and is tentatively scheduled for October 2013.

Past PFGs[edit]

The first Perthfur Gathering was held on the 28 March 2009. To date, it has attracted the second largest number of attendees, somewhere in the region of 75. Notable guests included CynWolfe and Paul Kidd.

PFG2 followed on 22 August 2009. This event saw the introduction of an art contest and group photo.

PFG3 took place on 6 March 2010. The organisers were Cyrin, Foxronyo, Jack Wolf and Sirukie. Prizes were awarded to Flamey (art contest), Kruzer (inflatable toy race) and Foxen Alopex (door prize), among others.

PFG 4 took place on 9 October 2010. The organisers were Cyrin, Foxronyo, Muchi, Jack Wolf and Sirukie.

PFG 5 followed, after a short delay on 13 August 2011. The organisers were Jack Wolf, Muchi, Foxronyo, Sirukie, Drackir and Flair. This gathering saw 78-80 furries attend and broke all records for attendance to date.


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