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Fur Out West
Fur Out West logo
Status Discontinued
First iteration 24-26, November 2017
Final iteration 21-23, July 2023
Organizer(s) Firebird Entertainment
Charity Discontinued
Subject Furry
Resources Photos, videos, reports: Fur Out West resources

Fur Out West was an annual furry convention held in Mandurah, Western Australia.

Fur Out West (edit)
Fur Out West 2017
Fur Out West 2018
Fur Out West 2019
Fur Out West 2020

Fur Out West staff
Fur Out West guests of honor


The first Fur Out West convention was held on the 24th to 26th November at the Atrium Hotel in Mandurah, Western Australia. This location was selected for a number of things, not only for it’s cheap room prices making it to be the most affordable furry convention on the west coast of Australia, but also the variety of food venues, about a 5 minute walk to the beach, and the opportunity to do one of the most unique fursuit group photo shoots. How about on a bridge over a bay, with one of the cameras being located on a boat underneath the bridge?

The theme was selected as Furlantis; Enchantment under the sea due to the hotel already having their con spaces done to an underwater theme.

Across the weekend the convention saw 115 attendees, and raised $3,850AUD for Assistance Dogs Australia.

The guests of honour were[1] artist Magicdawolfy,[2] and fursuit makers LazyLupe and Blue Moon Rise.[3]

Fur Out West also featured something different as well with the Guest of Honour, during the opening ceremony tickets were given out to the audience to go in to the draw of becoming a “Random Guest of Honour”. A special lanyard and crown was made up for the RGOH to wear for the entire convention, and a throne was also made up for the RGOH to sit on during the opening and closing ceremonies, and any other panels and events they wanted to attend.


Fur Out West 2018 took place 16-18, November,[4] again at the Atrium Hotel Mandurah.[4] There were 110 attendees, and $4393 was raised for the convention charity, the West Australian Dingo Association.[5]

The theme was "Furblockopolis",[6] and the guests of honour were artist and fursuit maker Kaikirith of Eastern Dragon Studios, and dancer and YouTuber BluTheDragon.[7]


To "ease the pain" of waiting to March 2020,[8]] a one-day event, Fur Out West 2.5 was held 16, March 2019 at the Civic Hotel Inglewood, incorporating a photoshoot, fursuit games, pub quiz and a dance party, as well as a dealer's den, art competition, prop weapon creation and a gaming area.[9] Those who registered for Fur Out West 3 in 2020 before March 16th gained free access to FOW2.5; however, tickets to FOW2.5 could be purchased separately.[10]


Fur Out West 3: Myth and Magic is to take place 6-8, March 2020 at the Atrium Hotel Mandurah.[11] The guests of honour are to be Faux Veritas[12] and Beauty of the Bass.[13][14]


Fur Out West 7: Ghosts and Ghouls was set to take place 7-9, June 2024 at Novotel Langley Perth.[15] On 22, January 2024 official channels announced that the convention would be dissolved effective immediately and that refunds would be issued for the 2024 event.[15] Staff explained through their official announcement channel on telegram that this decision was made "based on many factors which we are unable to discuss."


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