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Status Ongoing
First iteration October 31, 2003 (as Festival of the Feral)
Organizer(s) Fuzzy Productions
Charity WildCare Foundation of Oklahoma
Subject Outdoor Furry
Resources Photos, videos, reports: Oklacon resources
Festival of the Feral (2003)
Oklacon 2004
Oklacon 2005
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Oklacon 2007
Oklacon 2008
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Oklacon 2010
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Oklacon staff
Oklacon guests of honor
Oklacon (previously the Festival of the Feral) is an annual furry convention , Oklahoma, USA. It is a full-weekend event, running from Thursday through the following Monday, every year on the weekend of or immediately preceding Halloween. This predominantly outdoor convention emphasizes hands-on community and small-group craft, gaming, and wilderness activities. It was the first outdoor-format furry convention in the US, and it is now the largest outdoor furry convention in the world.[1][2] Even with an annual turnout of approximately 350 attendees, several individuals prominent in the fandom have visited this convention, including 2, Blotch, Jeff Goode, and Sub-level 03 (which made its debut in the furry scene at the first event in 2003[3]).

From its inception in 2003 until 2014, the event took place in Roman Nose State Park near Watonga. In 2015, the event is moving to Sequoyah State Park near Wagoner.[4]

Oklacon is organized by Fuzzy Productions, the legal entity that produces the convention for the benefit of the convention's designated charity, Safari's Interactive Animal Sanctuary in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, USA, from 2004 through 2013.[5] From 2004 through 2013, the attendees of Oklacon have raised over $50,000 for the charity.[2] In 2014, the charity beneificiary for Oklacon changed to WildCare Foundation of Oklahoma.[6]


By design, Oklacon is geared to be a local convention catering to furs in the Southwestern US; however, registrants from as far as Germany have attended. Oklacon is 70 miles from the nearest airport, and most attendees drive from Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and other surrounding states. Roughly half of attendees are from Oklahoma, and approximately 25% are from Texas.[7][8] It is advertised as the most affordable furry con in the world.[9] Oklacon's registration price is less than half the average basic registration prices of other major conventions.[10] Only one other convention, Furry Connection North, posted a lower pre-registration price[11], although Oklacon registration fees include lodging accommodations and some meals[12], which makes the bulk of attendance costs the cost of gas.

Often 50%, and up to 80% of each year's attendees have not attended a prior Oklacon event.[13] A majority of first-time Oklacon attendees by a show of hands at each year's opening ceremonies self-report Oklacon is their introduction to furry conventions. The convention markets the bimodal nature of the attendance base, with a large percentage attending Oklacon as their first furry convention and a large percentage having attended Oklacon for many years, as a positive aspect to prospective dealers and artists who wish to introduce their work to new audiences.


Jase Husky at Oklacon

Like many other outdoor-format conventions, Oklacon combines events typical of traditional hotel conventions with unique events that take advantage of the specific venue or general wilderness environment. Traditional events include a Dealer's Den, an Artists' Alley, an Art Show and a Charity Auction, which take place in a multipurpose building in the center of the group camp site, named the 'Turkey Roost' by the State Park staff, as many wild turkeys are often seen around the site prior to the arrival of the larger convention attendance. Outdoor events range from Frisbee contests, volleyball, fursuit bocce ball, and monster croquet, to Predator and Prey. A delegation from Feral! visited and imparted one of their staple events, Predator and Prey, into the annual event calendar, which remains a popular and large event, lasting up to three hours of game play each year. The convention has a strong focus on its charity, and many events, including the Charity Auction, Charity Poker, and proceeds from regular art auction sales directly or indirectly raise funds for it.

Guests of Honor[edit]

Crimson Mist, while originally announced as a 2007 Guest of Honor on the convention website, did not attend the convention.


  • 2003: (no specific theme)
  • 2004: !
  • 2005: Inner Animal
  • 2006: Ruffin' It!
  • 2007: V for Vermin
  • 2008: Mark of the Beast
  • 2009: The Seven Furry Sins
  • 2010: The Great Depression
  • 2011: A Stitch in Time Saves 9
  • 2012: It Came from Planet X!
  • 2013: Let the Games Begin!
  • 2014: The Good, the Bad, and the Furry!
  • 2015: The Legend of the Black Coyote


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