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Island FurBQ
2012 logo, art by Thea Reven.

Island FurBQ is an outdoor furmeet which takes place on Vancouver Island and is organized by Tj Bluevulpine and Lady Serpent. The first Island FurBQ was held on August 15th-17th, 2009. Not to be confused with the popular BC FurBQ, Island FurBQ is in partnership with the interior based event.[1]

Island FurBQ and BC FurBQ[edit]

In the spring of 2009 it was announced that BC FurBQ would not be taking place during the summer. Therefore, a group of furs from Vancouver Island partnered up with the VI Furry Association to create a similar event in which furs of Vancouver Island could share the experience of BC FurBQ. The idea also gave mainland furs a chance to see island life in the rural west coast town of Tofino, BC. After the success of the first event, it was decided that both events would co-exist, one operating one year, and the other operating the next year and so on.


  • Island FurBQ 2009
    A duel on Long Beach.
    • Mock Swordplay
    • Volleyball
    • Beach Bonfire
    • Beach Rave
    • Swimming
    • Drawing Contests

Staff of 2009[edit]

The three main collaborators of the event were Tj Bluevulpine (Island FurBQ Event Coordinator), Lady Serpent (BC FurBQ Event Coordinator), and Drewdle Wolf(VI Furry Association Representative). However none of it would have happened without the wonderful staff that took time from their personal lives to help out with planning and preperations.

  • Island FurBQ 2009:
    • Tj Bluevulpine (Event Coordinator)
    • Drewdle (VI Furs Representative/Transportation)
    • Amanda Fennec (Planning and Organizing)
    • Gnosis (Food Preperation)
    • Ruby (Cook/Equipment Transport)
    • Lady Serpent (Event Badge Artist)
    • Scavello (Online Support)
    • Brasou (Online Support)

Fun facts[edit]

Did you know that everyone who attended Island FurBQ 09 ate with their paws? That's right, because of a mishap with the planning of supplies for the event, all the cutlery was left behind. Just remember: If Tj offers to help with the planning of an event, don't put him in charge of the cutlery! Other crucial things that were missing or forgotten included salt, hamburger patties, coffee percolator and enough paper plates for the event. But they all pulled through and still had a wonderful time!

The equipment that was taken to the beach consisted of 2 deep cycle marine batteries, 2 speakers from Tj's room, a mac book pro with a hello kitty band-aid on the corner and a homemade amplifier built by our electronics expert, who also lit up the group site with white christmas lights. After making a deal with "some stoner from the beach" Tj talked a man into carrying back up the equipment to the site in return for a guitar string.

Island FurBQ 2010[edit]

2010 was supposed to be the return of BC FurBQ, however due to unforeseen circumstances the event was cancelled. The staff of Island FurBQ scrambled to try and get something going, but it was too late in the season and anything resembling plans had fallen apart.

Past events[edit]

  • Tofino, British Columbia - 2009
    The Crew of 2009.
  • Tofino, British Columbia - 2010 - Cancelled

Future events[edit]

"Island FurBQ 2012 is confirmed, however it is still in early stages of planning. We are looking into having a website up by Christmas 2011."


  1. Island FurBQ at Tofino from August 15 - 17 thread at BC Furry Community Board.

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