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FranFurence was the first furry convention to be held in France. FranFurence 5 was planned for around April/May 2009, but has been canceled permanently due to a lack of public interest.


While thoughts of a French convention had been considered since Eurofurence 7, they became a reality once Eurofurence 9 was announced as being hosted in the Czech Republic, 12 hours away from France. Eighteen furry fans, who met on the Internet, had the opportunity to share their passion in real life. FranFurence was based on Eurofurence's success and tries to follow in its footsteps (or possibly pawsteps).

FranFurence 1[edit]

The first FranFurence was held 1 to 4 May 2003 by Ozone Griffox at his private family home in Chaumes-en-Brie, in collaboration with Timduru, a fursuiting fan. It brought 18 furries together.

2003 staff[edit]

FranFurence 2[edit]

The second FranFurence was held 11 to 14 November 2004 at Le Domaine du Ciran, a castle surrounded by three square kilometers of natural park. It brought 30 furs together, including fifteen from the previous gathering.

2004 staff[edit]

FranFurence 3[edit]

The third FranFurence was held 15 to 18 April 2006 at La Hugoire de Chambord and brought 37 furries together.

2006 staff[edit]

FranFurence 4[edit]

The fourth FranFurence was held 23 to 27 November 2007 at the same place as FranFurence 3, with 23 attendees.

At this time, the Francophone fandom was showing a strong lack of coherence. And to try to attract people from different opinions, the core staff decided to open the organisation for willing helpers. Sadly, the lack of public and motivation was already poking its nose out: few people truely involved themselves to create nice and original events.

A new website, with nicer graphics, was expected to provide tools for members and staff that allowed every participant to create their SIGs for the convention. The purpose of the project was to offer more freedom for participants, and less micro-managment for the staff.

2007 staff[edit]

FranFurence 5[edit]

After a few month of fruitless arguments, Rasputch and Ozone resigned. Shaman took the lead with Deoloup and Darkou, but they finally decided it was not a good idea to continue the FranFurence as it was.

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