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RivFur is a furry convention that celebrates the furry genre. RivFur is held annually in August of each year in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The name "RivFur" is derived from the Brisbane River that sprawls through the centre of the city.


RivFur was founded by FlameDrake, Foxy_Malone and Nikita Wolfpaw in 2007, with the purpose of bringing the local Brisbane furry community together each year for a small scale furmeet. Activities have included Laser Tag, Mini Golf, Bowling, Chocolate Making, Scavenger Hunts, Rock Climbing and River Cruises along with large group trips to popular local destinations such as Movie World, Dreamworld and Australia Zoo.

In August of 2012, the RivFur General Committee announced changes of the RivFur event format. This announcement confirmed that the event would be migrating from its large scale furmeet format, to an official 'hotel based' furry convention structure.

Until 2012, RivFur was always held in July of each year. RivFur 2012 was held June 29 to 1 July. Organizers announced in 2012 that RivFur 2013 and all future RivFur events would now be held in early August to allow a bigger gap between RivFur and The Furry Down Under Convention (FurDU) held on the Gold Coast in April.

RivFur 2013 was held over August 2-4, 2013, at the Mercure Hotel, Brisbane.[1]


Visitor Statistics

RivFur has seen steady growth over its years of operation, with only 30-40 people attending in 2007, now it sees over 120 furs attend the event. Organizers have announced they expect to see 150+ furs at RivFur 2013.


RivFur has had a number of individuals contribute to the merchandise offered at each event. Funds raised from the sale of merchandise goes towards funding the event each year.

RivFur Mascot by Kazzycaboodles RivFur Mascot by Nikita Hyena RivFur Mascot by Bingo Dingo RivFur Mascot by Rose*Quoll RivFur Mascot by MistyStriker


Past organisers[edit]

RivFur has had various furs involved with its organization over the years, these include;

Current organization[edit]

In August 2012, due to the change in RivFur's format, planning and organization responsibilities were officially passed onto Brisbane Furry Events (also known as just 'BFE'), a registered Australian partnership formed by two Brisbane furs (Jet Dingo and Spex Wulf) to help fund, organize and run RivFur in its new convention format.

Although RivFur is directly funded by Brisbane Furry Events, a volunteer committee of furs who's role it is to assist with the planning, running and execution of the event still operate directly under the partnership. This group is referred to as the RivFur General Committee (or RGC), and is staffed by both members of Brisbane Furry Events partnership and by volunteers within the Australian furry community.

RivFur general committee[edit]

Special guests[edit]

RivFur has special guests.[2]


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