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NEP DustPaws, also called NebelPfoten DustPaws, is a small European furry convention founded in 2004.

The event is held by the members of the Lache en Saeras Pack (also known as the LakeofSorrow-Pack). As there isn't a strict separation between staff members and guests, everyone is expected to participate and help.

NEP DustPaws 2007[edit]

NEP DustPaws 2007, called The Rise of Twilight, was held from July 27 to 30, 2007, at the GlüderCamping in Solingen, Germany. The convention saw only 9 attendees, 4 dayguests and 2 dogs.

The convention was organised by Solanacea (Mistress of Disaster, but indeed the Alpha of the NEP), and Tygar.

The conshirt-contest had only 3 participants, and was won by KuschelGarou.

NEP DustPaws 2008[edit]

NEP DustPaws 2008 was apparently also held in Solingen from July 24 to 27[1]. Again, Solanacea and Tygar was to do the organizing, together with KuschelGarou, JosePaw and Cyberfox.


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