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Status Ongoing
First iteration August 6-8, 2010
Final iteration August 1 - 3, 2014
Organizer(s) Forest City Media & Entertainment
Charity Salthaven
Subject Furry
Resources Photos, videos, reports: Condition resources
Condition: Zero Hour (2010)
Condition: Red (2011)
Condition: Blue (2012)
Condition: Wasteland (2013)
Condition vs The Monsters (2014)

Condition staff
Condition guests of honour

Condition is an annual furry convention held in London, Ontario, Canada.


Condition was conceived out of a desire for an Ontario-based con after several previous cons in the area, such as C-ACE, had folded. The concept was to take the idea of a con theme and push it to its logical extreme: create an overarching storyline that links each iteration of the convention together through story and dramatic presentations. A team of writers were assembled to provide the story for the convention, which has many tie-ins outside of the printed page. These include:

  • A recap of the entire story thus far, followed by an in-character skit and presentation during opening ceremonies
  • A second skit to end the convention during closing ceremonies
  • Story-related events that run on audience participation happening throughout the convention's duration
  • Additional stories and podcasts released before, during and after each convention

Additionally, the highest level of registration is known as the Story Arc Sponsor, where said person is written directly into the story and is involved with the accompanying presentations. During the convention's charity auction, appearances and commissions in the style of the story are also offered. The second year, Red, was also subtitled "The People's Furry Con" to re-enforce the fact that community involvement is an underlying theme to the convention.

The convention's charity auction, hosted by Kamber Lane, includes a multitude of items, leading to the ladder auction that concludes the auction. During the ladder auction, additional items are added to the pot every time a certain price point is reached. Zero Hour's auction procured the highest single item amount for a first year con in the history of furry: $1500 CAD for a "multipass" that gave the owner Story Arc sponsorship to five conventions along with multiple other incentives.

The con features an interactive spy game that determines major changes in the Con's story arc, as well as an assassin game throughout the con using Nerf guns and improvised fictional weapons.

The convention will conclude after the 2014 event (Versus Monsters); no 2015 or further event is planned.

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