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CritterConDiego was a mini furry con that was held in San Diego, California from 2000 to 2002 on the same summer weekends as the Comic-Con International. The events were managed by the ConFurence Group which scheduled its events in the evening after the Comic-Con dealer rooms were closed and promoted them as an "Anthro Arts Relaxacon".

The organizers were specific in noting that they were not affiliated with SDCC and allowed furry fans to attend even if they were not in San Diego for the Comic-Con. Membership and dealer tables were very modestly priced and fursuiters were granted free admission.

With the demise of ConFurence in 2003, new CritterConDiego events have not been organized in San Diego. In 2004, a new group of furry fans (and the original founders of ConFurence) established Califur as the new furry convention of Southern California. They have also been organizing similarly inspired night-time events at SDCC, called Califur Diego.

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