Capital City Fur Con

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Capital City Fur Con
Capital City Fur Con
Status Defunct
First iteration January 2-5, 2020
Final iteration January 2-5, 2020
Organizer(s) Nitro Rooski, Cinnamon Fennec[1][2]
Charity ALS Association[3]
Subject Furry
Resources Photos, videos, reports: Capital City Fur Con resources

Capital City Fur Con was a furry convention held in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA.


Capital City Fur Con 2020 was held at the Hilton Harrisburg[4] over January 2-5, 2020 with the theme "Candy Shop".[5] Tuners the Wolf, Saphi, Xusho Wolf, Riley the Fox, Odin Wolf, and Made Fur You were the guests of honor.[6]


Accusations of embezzlement were made by Tripp, who was a member of the PR team for CCFC,[7] where he states that Nitro mishandled $15,000 (from his college savings) that were to be used to help with the convention, staff pay, and hotel bills. Further, staff members have said that no money was donated by the convention to their charity, the ALS Association.[8]

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