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RAMCon is an Online furry convention first held in 2020, its events are hosted on Discord and on twitch.tv.


RAMCon was created to provide a digital alternative to in-person events to all audiences around the world. Even though RAMCon is advertised as a furry convention, non furry artists are also encouraged.[1]


RAMCon's staff is made up of Fluff Dragon Art, Spring Heart and Spirit Productions[2]


RAMCon has three mascots. The main mascot is Ramen the ram and they represent all the attendees.[3] The second mascot is Angel the axolotl. He represents the artists and vendors at the convention.[4] The third mascot is Daikon the Dragon. She represents all panelists and community guests. [5]


The first RAMCon took place on April 25, 2020.[6] Its Community Guests were Zillion Ross[7] and Katzun.[8] Cloven Cast hosted a charity stream event [9] for COVID-19 relief. At the con's end the official statistics were: 541 total attendees, 37 vendors, 11 panels and $548.69 raised for COVID relief.[10]

RAMCon 2.0[edit]

The second RAMCon took place on October 23-24, 2020.[11] The community guests were Lightning Bliss and Majira Strawberry.[12]At the end of the con, the official statistics were; 889 attendees, 46 vendors, 12 panels and $400.00 was raised for Feeding America.[13]

RAMCon V3[edit]

The third RAMCon is took place on July 10-11, 2021[14] with the theme of "Dinosaur Vacation Island".[15] The community guests were Crowne Prince, Majira Strawberry, Neffertity and Zillion Ross[16] The end of con statistics were; 1178 total attendees, 41 vendors 19 panels/events and $197.27 was raised for Save a fox.[17]

RamCon V4[edit]

On December 13, 2021 the fourth RamCon was announced via Twitter,[18] it will take place on July 9-10, 2022 with its theme being "Dungeons and Daikons", and is to be the final RAMCon.[19]


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