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X, formerly known as Twitter, is a website that offers social networking and microblogging services, enabling its users to send and read messages called posts (formerly tweets). "Posts" are text-based posts of up to 280 characters, which was decreased to 140 characters on November 7, 2017,[1] then increased to 4000 characters on February 8, 2023, but only for Twitter Blue users (post Elon Musk's 2022 Twitter acquisition).


Original logo (as Twitter)

X (as Twitter) was launched in 2006 and has gained popularity worldwide. It is estimated to have 330 million active monthly users,[2] generating 500 million tweets a day.[3] The Twitter mascot is a nonmorphic bluebird.

X and furry[edit]

Artist Birchly's contribution to TweetFur

X (as Twitter), had become as popular with furries as it has with the wider online community. Conventions such as Anthrocon and ConFuzzled also use Twitter to their advantage by spreading convention information through a real-time and direct medium. It is a helpful tool for receiving real-time updates at conventions, such as contests, temporary sales, and where to find popular artists. Many furries take advantage of Twitter's privacy options, allowing them to share messages only with approved people.


X features the use of tagging tweets with the number/pound symbol (#), known on Twitter as a hashtag. One popular trend has been for furries to use the tag #FursuitFriday to tweet photos of their fursuit every Friday.


On December 31st, 2018, Twitter user @fluffysmolcloud tweeted a screenshot of the Twitter Brand Guidelines that stated "Don't anthropomorphize the logo", along with an anthropomorphized drawing of the logo. [4][5]

This Tweet became popularized with furry artists and #TweetFur began trending as more art was produced of the anthropomorphized logo and posted with the tag.

Other furry hashtags[edit]

General furry:

More specific:

Elon Musk's Twitter acquisition[edit]

After Elon Musk's October 2022 acquisition of the service, along with his often controversial views,[citation needed] his unbanning of prior banned accounts (Jordan Peterson, Andrew Tate, The Babylon Bee, Project Veritas, Sargon of Akkad, Meghan Murphy, etc ), the banning of LGBTQ+, anti-fascist, and other similar accounts sugested to Musk by far-right figures,[citation needed] the banning of other social media services' Twitter account (i.e. Mastodon), no longer enforcing its policy prohibiting COVID-19 misinformation, and the ultimate dissolution of Twitter's Trust and Safety Council,[6] responsible for the sites' policies on hate speech, the commercial sexual exploitation of children, and self-harm content, which all lead in a rise in misinformation, disinformation, harassment, and hate speech on the platform,[7] some furry fans and artists expressed a desire to leave the site.[8]

Without another social media service with the presence and solid foundation of Twitter, some furries (with a few shutting their Twitter accounts), just started to migrate to other services (like Bluesky, Mastodon, et al), reopening/reactivating old art gallery accounts (particularly Fur Affinity), or joining older established services like Tumblr.

But a good contingency of furry fandom personnel[9] still maintains a presence on Twitter for various reasons, with only the possible service's ultimate shutdown as their last expected interaction with it.


With the advent of "Twitter" changing its name to "X", the migration accelerated, thanks especially to the creation of two new social media apps, Meta's Threads, and American entrepreneur Jack Dorsey's Bluesky.


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