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The title of this article is incorrect due to technical limitations. The correct title is #perthfurs.

#perthfurs (#perthfurs) is a channel on FurNet (IRC), populated mostly by furries from the state of Western Australia in the country of Australia.

[edit] Frequent inhabitants

Channel ops: Bastett, DC Bunny, Cyrin.

Channel voice: FancyCat, Dellway, Kyras, Jono, Ticky, Spikey, Kira, Tez, Intiakel, Thauraxxrian, Valindil, Brunalli, Riffles, GuardianKitsune, Wolfadawn, Hipikat, Bundadingy, DingoWolfAU. And many more.

Other channel inhabitants: Pyrocloud, Sasha, Darz, Sparkz, Snoopy, Dantallion, Patrio. And many more.

Channel Banned: Tasmir, Jinx, SirLib

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