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Perth Furs is the local furry community of Perth, Western Australia. As of January 2019 it revolves around groups on large social media platforms, as well as two annual conventions and other meets.

Cyrin and Riley/Zarneth formerly hosted a large community site with a forum, gallery, community vouching and events listings from late 2008; but it was closed in December 2018 as activity had dwindled.[1]

Event history[edit]

The Perth Furs used to have a gathering called the Perthfur Gathering which took place several times per year till 2012, when the sixth was cancelled. In 2012, however several people planned to fill the void left by the cancellation. One such group was the FurWAG committee; another being the PerthFurBQ, headed by Andy Dingo Wolf. As of 2019 there are two annual conventions in the region: West Aussie Fur Frenzy and Fur Out West.

Mascot gallery[edit]


  1. "The final bell has tolled for after 10 years of operation. End of an era." - Cyrin Inflatophin, Twitter (30 December 2018)
  2. "Site mascot's name is Migs, Mascot of Indeterminate Gender and Species." - Kewey (site moderator), (20 October 2013; archived 6 May 2018)

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