Halloween Furro

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Halloween Furro


Halloween Furro began editions in México as a private furmeet between the community of FurryMX. In 2009, it opened his doors as a yearly main event by and for the same community.

Although not a formal convention, indeed it was one of the largest event attendances that took place that year.


[Halloween Furro] had 5 editions in CDMX, having it largest peek on 2011 as follows:

  • 2009: Centro Cultural de la Diversidad.México 45 Attendees.
  • 2010: Centro Cultural de la Diversidad.México 52 Attendees.
  • 2011: Centro Cultural de la Diversidad.México 102 Attendees.
  • 2012: Centro Cultural de la Diversidad. México 70 Attendees.
  • 2015: Foro Luis Vázques. México. 75 Attendees.


  • Videogames Tournament
  • Spooky Costume Contest
  • Dance Contest


Halloween Furro passed the staff to Halloween Furry held by DFur, that were also held on the same venue.

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