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Reiko- the official mascot of NekoCon

NekoCon is an annual fall convention that is held in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. The con is mainly focused on anime with some anthropomorphic elements as illustrated by Reiko, its catgirl mascot.


The con features many events such as cosplay contests, karaoke, video rooms to watch non-stop anime, anime music video contests, dances, as well as panels and workshops where attendees can learn new things, consult with others about anime and Japanese culture, and meet and discuss topics with guests. Voice actors, directors, industry producers, and other figures of the entertainment industry make appearances and hold question and answer panels.


Regularly returning guests have included Rosearik Rikki Simons and Tavisha Wolfgarth-Simons of Studio Tavicat and Fred Perry of Antarctic Press.


  • NekoCon Ichi was held from October 2 to 4 in 1998 and was attended by 506 people.
  • NekoCon R was held from November 5 to 7 in 1999 and was attended by 1048 people.
  • NekoCon III was held from October 27 to 29 in 2000 and was attended by 1050 people.
  • NekoCon Flash was held from October 26 to 28 in 2001.
  • NekoCon V was held from November 8 to 10 in 2002.
  • NekoCon 6 was held from November 7 to 9 in 2003 and was attended by about 1600 people.
  • NekoCon 7 was held from November 5 to 7 in 2004 and was attended by 2368 people.
  • NekoCon 8 was held from November 4 to 6 in 2005.
  • NekoCon 9 was held from November 3 to 5 in 2006.
  • NekoCon X was held from November 2 to 4 in 2007 at the Hampton Roads Convention Center.[1] Attendance was estimated at 3100.


  1. DATES FOR NekoCon X: The Cat Came Back! at the NekoCon forums

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