Shanghai Furry Summer Festival

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The Shanghai Furry Summer Festival (translation of 魔都兽夏祭) was a furry convention held on July 23, 2016, at the Leopard Hotel in Shanghai, China. It was the start of a series of events promoted in English as the Furry Event of China.

This festival was the second furry event in mainland China, the first of which was Canton Furry Only (aka China National Furry Party) on July 18, 2015;[clarify] and the first independent furry event in China, held jointly with an event for the jingai community (a term from Japanese manga, referring to a wider group of non-human creatures such as harpies, aliens, ghosts, zombies, or gorgons - often involved in some sort of romantic relationship with humans).

About 1000 advance tickets and 30 on-site tickets (costing 55 yuan) sold for the convention, plus 400 tickets sold by the jingai branch - in such events, a single fee typically provides entry to both sides of the event, although staff are separate. Nearly thirty fursuiters were seen during the event; 26 were present in the group photo. A section of tables was present for artists.

This event will not be held in 2017 in favor of the Guangzhou Furry Event.

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