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Snowtails 2020
Snowtails 2020 logo
Location Switzerland
Status Ongoing
First iteration 2019
Organizer(s) Tomkitty
Subject Furry
Resources Photos, videos, reports: Snowtails resources

Snowtails (ST) is a private furry convention & ski holiday held in the alpine regions of Switzerland. Core elements of the convention are: winter sports like skiing or snowboarding, fursuiting and traditional swiss cuisine.


ST was held the First time in February 2019 in the swiss ski resort of Laax, and started as a small ski holiday of a group of furry Friends. Final attendance was just 3 People.


The positive feedback from the very first year and the general popularity of the idea of a swiss furry ski holiday led to an increased attendance of more than 400%, so that 14 People were a part of ST 2020 from 6 different nations. It took place from 9th - 12th January 2020, in Flims, Switzerland. [1]

For the first time badges have been designed and handed out to every attendee.


Date and Location(s) are still up to discussion. [2]


  1. Twitter
  2. Convention home page

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