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Status Ongoing
First iteration November 2-5, 2017
Organizer(s) The Flüüfff Crew
Subject Furry
Resources Photos, videos, reports: Flüüfff resources

Flüüfff is a European furry convention hosted in Belgium. Originally the convention was held in Blankenberge at the Duinse Polders Hotel at the Belgian coastline, but in 2021 they moved to a new location in Brussels at the Bedford Hotel & congress centre.

Flüüfff (edit)
Flüüfff 2017
Flüüfff 2018
Flüüfff 2019
Flüüfff 2021

Flüüfff staff
Flüüfff guests of honor

Flüüfff 2017[edit]

Flüüfff 2017

The first edition was held November 2-5,[1] in the Duinse Polders hotel in Blankenberge, on the Belgian seaside.[1] The theme of the convention was be "A Seaside Holiday — Remember Last Summer!".[1]It had 110 attendees, 80 of which were residential. Events included a fursuit walk & games, dance & DDR, tabletop & video game nights, Dealers den, hobbyist panels, a snack exchange, minigolf and quadracycling.

Flüüfff brewed two beers prior to the convention, a triple and a nettle beer. During the convention itself, another batch was brewn as part of a brewing workshop, to be bottled and stored for next edition.

The convention mascot was announced to be a beaver, whose name will be picked from the attendee suggestions and would be revealed at the next edition of Flüüfff.

Flüüfff 2018[edit]

Flüüfff 2018 was held October 31 - November 4, 2018. The theme was "Welcome to the Abbey". It had 180 attendees, of which 140 residential, with 69 fursuiters. Events included a fursuit walk & games, dance & DDR, tabletop & video game nights, Dealers den, hobbyist panels, a snack exchange, minigolf , MTG competitions, and quadracycling.

Flüüfff staff brewed another two beers prior to the convention, a brown and white one this time.

The name of the mascot was revealed to be Sir Floats-a-lot.

Flüüfff 2019[edit]

Flüüfff 2019

The third edition was held November 20-24 and the theme was "Wow, It's Made!", a slight nod to the well known furniture stores of IKEA. It had 236 attendees, with 105 Fursuiters. The events of the con included an escape room, a dance, a fursuit walk, photoshoots and different hobby panels.

A Red Flemish beer has been specially brewed for the 2019 edition.

Flüüfff 2021[edit]

Flüüfff 2021 was held November 10–14, 2021. The theme was "Grand Casino - Going All-In!". This was the first year it was held at their new location at the Bedford Hotel & congress centre in Brussels.

The convention was originally scheduled for 11 to 15 November, 2020, however it was postponed in August due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[2]

Flüüfff 2022[edit]

Flüüfff 2022 was held November 9–13, 2022. The theme was "Tropical Trouble". The events of the con included a fursuit dance competition, a snack exchange, charades, photoshoots, a game room, a Dealers Den, Tropical Dance nights and different kinds of hobby panels held by members of staff or con attendees.

At the closing ceremony it was revealed that the theme for 2023 will be "Toxic Critters!".

Flüüfff 2023[edit]

On May 12th 2023 it was announced that the convention was postponed to 2024.

Flüüfff 2024[edit]

It was announced that the theme will be "Toxic Critters!" and is planned for November 6–10, 2024, in Brussels.

Current Staff[edit]

The staff:[citation needed]


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