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Furry Weekend Atlanta
Furry Weekend Atlanta.png
Status Ongoing
First iteration February 13-15, 2004
Organizer(s) Furry Weekend Atlanta, Inc.
Charity Ellijay Wildlife Rehabilitation Sanctuary (2004-2006),

Conservator's Center, Inc. (2007-Present)

Subject Furry
Resources Photos, videos, reports: Furry Weekend Atlanta resources
Furry Weekend Atlanta
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Furry Weekend Atlanta staff
Furry Weekend Atlanta guests of honor

Furry Weekend Atlanta, often abbreviated simply as FWA, is a regional furry convention held in Atlanta, Georgia.


Furry Weekend Atlanta was the logical outgrowth of furry gathering held for years in Atlanta at the homes of various furs. Over the years, as more and more furs showed up in the metro Atlanta area, the gatherings became larger and larger. The idea of holding a furry convention was raised by several members of the Atlanta furry family, first in 2001 when nothing became of it, and then again in 2003. As the result of several planning sessions held in August of 2003, a concrete plan emerged to hold a convention in February of 2004. The name chosen echoes that of Anime Weekend Atlanta.

Although the convention originally was held around Valentine's Day, often with a similar theme (represented in the conbook and on the con shirt), the con was rescheduled to a mid-March timeframe in 2009.[1] As of April, 2017, it is the 3rd largest furry convention.


Furry Weekend Atlanta is produced by Furry Weekend Atlanta, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation incorporated in the State of Georgia. Furry Weekend Atlanta Inc., in turn, is headed by an Executive Committee and tasked with operating the yearly convention, and promoting the acceptance and appreciation of the anthropomorphic fandom in the Southeast and throughout the country as a whole. As a non-profit corporation, only funds necessary for the continuing operation of the convention are retained; the remaining funds are donated to appropriate charities.

In addition to operating the convention, Furry Weekend Atlanta, Inc. also maintains Georgia Furs, and works to organize the Georgia furry population for entertainment and service.

Furry Weekend Atlanta became a federally registered trademark on 2 December 2008.[2]

Executive Committee[edit]

The current Executive Committee of Furry Weekend Atlanta, Inc. consists of:

  • Tiger Paw, Chairman/CEO, a businessman from Atlanta.
  • Tiger Nick, Co Chair/COO - a AV Tech, and full time Dad from Michigan.


At the end of every convention, Furry Weekend Atlanta showcases it;'s staffing ranks for the next convention season in a meeting held usually following closing ceremonies. Prospective applicants will be able to find out a little about the "behind the scenes" work of the convention, and will be informed how to fill out the application online.


From 2005 to 2006, Furry Weekend Atlanta's official charity was the Ellijay Wildlife Rehabilitation Sanctuary.

The official charity for 2007 through present is Conservator's Center, Inc., a nonprofit organization working to reconnect people with wildlife.


FWA's mascots are a fennec fox and a rabbit.[citation needed]

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