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Further South
Further South 2024 logo
Further South 2024 poster
Status Proposed
First iteration 13 September 2024
Organizer(s) Wyvern Events
Resources Photos, videos, reports: Further South resources

Further South is a proposed furry convention, to be held at the Holiday Inn Portsmouth on 13-16 September 2024.[1] The convention chair and art lead is DerpyDoo.[2] The mascot is Kevin, a surfing otter.[3]

Further South is organised by Wyvern Events, a company limited by guarantee with one director (Kitutal),[4] which also ran a trip to the New Forest called Forest Tails[5], and tried to run a mid-winter break called Fluffed Up.[6]

The convention's branding was used to propose a virtual convention, Further Apart, in late March 2020, to be held the following month.[7] Prior to the company's foundation, Kitutal attempted to hold Further South in 2018, and a different event in earlier years under the name Fur Isle,[8]


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