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Anthro New England
Anthro New England 2020
Anthro New England 2020 poster
Location - Boston Park Plaza
Status Ongoing
First iteration February 27 - March 1, 2015
Organizer(s) Anthro New England, Inc.
Charity NEADS World Class Service Dogs
Subject Furry
Resources Photos, videos, reports: Anthro New England resources
Anthro New England (edit)

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Anthro New England 2015
Anthro New England 2016
Anthro New England 2017
Anthro New England 2018
Anthro New England 2019
Anthro New England 2020
Anthro New England: ONLINE
Anthro New England 2022

Anthro New England staff
Anthro New England guests of honor

Anthro New England, abbreviated as ANE, is a regional furry convention held in Boston, Massachusetts. ANE represents itself with a deer mascot named Copley as well as several other (currently unnamed) mascots.

Anthro New England was initially held at the Hyatt Regency Cambridge in Cambridge, MA on the outskirts of Boston. The first theme for 2015 was "The American Revolution: Boston Strong!", centered around the history of Boston during the American Revolutionary War. After the 2017 convention concluded, ANE sought out a new hotel location to accommodate the now over 1300 attendees that had been recorded that year.

In 2018, Anthro New England moved to a new hotel located in downtown Boston, Massachusetts - the Boston Park Plaza Hotel. The theme was "To The Sea!", featuring nautical themes. ANE set a new record attendance for that year, over 2000 attendees. The most recent physical convention took place on February 20th to the 23rd, 2020 with the theme "The Roaring Twenties", and a new attendance record of over 2500 attendees, featuring guests of honor Boobun and Pulex[1]. Anthro New England announced at the closing ceremonies that ANE would return for 2021 with the theme "Back to the 90s!", featuring guests of honor Nightlinez and the creators of Circles.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic developing shortly after the conclusion of the 2020 event, the previous announcement that ANE would return in 2021 was revised to notify attendees that the 2021 event was cancelled. [2] Included in this announcement was that ANE would instead feature a virtual event in the same month that ANE 2021 was scheduled.

Anthro New England 2021 was held as a virtual-only event from February 19th to the 21st, 2021, entitled "Anthro New England: Online!" featuring an America Online look-a-like logo for the event. Despite the theme, "Back to the 90's!" being postponed until the 2022 event, the 90s theme was still maintained. The main feature of the event was a virtual recreation of the immediate surroundings of the Boston Park Plaza hotel, including portions of Back Bay and the Public Garden. This was created by a handful of ANE Staff members leading up to the event. The event also featured a livestream via the convention's Twitch channel of various DJs performing 90's themed mixes, as well as a virtual dealer's den featuring various previous vendors. [3]


Anthro New England is hosted and managed by Anthro New England, Inc., a 501(c)(7) non-profit corporation registered with the state of Massachusetts. Anthro New England, Inc., is run by a Board of Directors charged with operating the annual convention, facilitating donations for charity, and presenting a positive image of the furry fandom for both New England, and the United States. Anthro New England, Inc. maintains enough funds to continue operations, and donates all other proceeds to charities that fall within the bounds of their mission statement, which reads as follows: "Anthro New England's mission is to raise funds and increase awareness for local charities that connect animals with humans in need, while providing a fun, safe event for anthropomorphic fans to meet and enjoy art, performance, music, and literature."

Board of Directors[edit]

The Board of Directors of Anthro New England, Inc. consists of:[4]


Previous Convention Years
Year Theme Attendees Charity
2015 The American Revolution: Boston Strong! 757 $10,000
2016 Sportsball! 965 $11,000
2017 For Science! 1384 $15,000
2018 To The Sea! 2050 $21,000
2019 Attack of the Were-Con! 2251 $22,500
2020 The Roaring Twenties! 2570 $25,700




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  2. "We hope that it will come as no surprise that due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we need to announce the official cancellation of Anthro New England 2021. ...We're already working on plans for a Virtual Anthro New England in February 2021. While we may not be able to physically be with one another, we can still be together." - Anthro New England, Twitter ()
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