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Not to be confused with Furtasticon, a historical American convention held in Pennsylvania.
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Furtastic is Denmark's first furry convention. It is a small convention with an attendee limit at 70 people (as of 2019). The conventions philosophy is: to get to thoroughly meet new people, enjoy the interaction of everyone, and to open up to people you might not know - this is used to explain why there is an attendee limit. The convention staffs purpose for the convention is to get people together, and create new friendships that will last beyond the convention.

The staff sell alcohol at the convention because it is part of Danish culture. The location for the convention is placed far away from most major cities and is surrounded by a big forest. Because of the remote location, noise is allowed and behavior that is not the norm in society is allowed.[1]

There are no official rules for behavior, but common sense is appreciated by the staff, and security can still throw a disorderly person out.

Going strong
Status Ongoing
First iteration July 8-10, 2011
Organizer(s) Furtastic Organizing Committee Team
Subject Furry/Anthro
Resources Photos, videos, reports: Furtastic resources
Furtastic (edit)
Furtastic 1 (2011)
Furtastic 2 (2012)
Furtastic 3 (2013)
Furtastic 4 (2014)
Furtastic 5 (2015)
Furtastic 6 (2016)
Furtastic 7 (2017)
Furtastic 8 (2018)
Furtastic 9 (2019)

Furtastic staff
Furtastic guests of honor


Furtastic - The Beginning This is the venue of the first Furtastic convention! by Terril Chief Organiser. Uploaded: September 10, 2010.
Furtastic 2012 This is a video about Furtastic and what its look like, by Kiba Snowpaw. Uploaded: Juli 17, 2012.

The venue[edit]

The venue chosen for the Furtastic convention, years 2011, 2012 and 2013, is a scout hut outside Aalborg, in the north of the country. The hut provides accommodation for up to 60 attendees and is surrounded by lush green forests and grassy fields that offer the opportunity for outdoor social activities like darts and football, or just relaxing in the shade under a tree. A bar tent has also been available.[2][3] In 2012 Furtastic had its first Art auction, and a fursuit changing room was made available.[4]

Attendee limitation[edit]

Furtastic staff has set a limit on attendee's for the convention to 50. The limitation isn't to make it exclusive. The Convention staff explanation for the attendee limitation: We believe that to get to thoroughly meet new people, enjoy the interaction of everyone, and to open op to people you might not know, you need to be few, not many. Beer and Booze is allowed. The hut is very remote so attendee's should not worry about being noisy.[5]


The place is surrounded by forest and fields. The area is in the middle of a relatively big forest, usually occupied by the scouts. There is a small outdoor fireplace close to the major cabin itself, which is one of the center points of the evening. Beer and bottled refreshments can be brought out here, and usually you will find a lot of staff and others sitting around the fire, and talking about small and big in the huge world of furry. Along with the small fireplace, there is a very big one, that the convention have yet to take full use of. You are free to roam about in the forest.[6]

Freedom to roam[edit]

There are some significant differences in the rules of different countries. In Denmark, there is a more restricted freedom to roam on privately held land. All dunes and beaches and all publicly owned forests are open to roaming. Not cultivated, un-fenced areas are open to daytime roaming irrespective of ownership status. Privately owned forest have access by roads and tracks only.[7]

G3 Network[edit]

Chief Organiser Terril describes the G3 Network in the area as problem free.[8]


Retrieved: 03.05.2013[9]

  • For attendance - 100€ or 750DKK
  • Early bird! - 95€ or 710DKK
  • Worm prices! - 90€ or 675DKK
  • For late departure - 25€ or 187DKK
  • Sponsor - 100€ or 750DKK

You can pay by bank transfer or Pay-pal.[10]


In 2010 Shiro the right-hand to Terril told the forum and the forum user asking, that the conventions age limit is set at 16. If your under 18, you will have to bring your parents signed agreement, that you are allowed to go, and alcohol will not be served to furs under the age of 18. The only adult material that might be at the convention, is brought in by the attendees, or drawn on the spot by the artist.[11]


Furtastic 2012 memory A little video to share some of the memories of Furtastic 2012, by FurtasticDK. Official promotional video. Uploaded: November 11, 2012.
Furtastic 2012 "For a night" Evening footage at Furtastic 2012, by FurtasticDK. Official promotional video. Uploaded: August 17, 2012.


Everyone who has brought a fursuit is encouraged by the staff to change into it and suit around the area. For the fursuiters there are free bottles of ice cold water and salty snacks to keep your fluids level up, and should you need anything to keep yourself comfortable, you can feel free to contact any staff in the area. This year the convention offer a fursuit drying station, in the suiting room. This should help get your suit dry and fresh quickly, and will be open for use throughout the convention.[12]

Art and merchandise[edit]

In 2011 Wolfbeast brought artwork to the convention for showcasing.[13]

Dance competition[edit]

Mtalwolfify suggested a dance competition on the forum in 2011, but the suggestion have never been taken up or dismissed.[14]

Five day program[edit]

Convention program retrieved: 07.05.2013 D/M/Y.[15]

  • The bar is open from Thursday to Sunday, almost every evening(food can also be found at the bar).[16]

Beer and soda are 5Dkk each, calculated to: 0,67Euro (10.05.2013) Most drinks are 5Dkk(0,67€) for the soda, and 5Dkk(0,67€) pr 4CL of alcohol, making it 10DKK(1,34€). The way the purchasing from the bar works is using a trust system. You pay 50DKK to a staff member and in return you get a ticket with ten boxes in it. The way payment then works, is that you cross off the amount of boxes equal to the price of what you are purchasing! Easy right? When you’ve filled out your ticket, you simply throw It out. Each box is ticked with an X which represents 5DKK. [17]


  • Arrival day (convention prestart[1])
  • Board games and card games
  • Furry comics and books (main hall)


  • Fursuit outing(Friday morning and mid-day)[18]
Trip into Aalborg (outdoor)
Aalborg’s great mall (indoor)
  • The evil Mole’s (hidden object game)
  • Board games and card games


  • Magic the gathering
  • I have never(drinking game)
  • BBQ (outdoor)
  • Group photo
  • Night to early morning party


  • Morning breakfast(with bacon)
  • Morning Movie
  • Board games and card games


  • Packing up and leaving


Year Date Attn. Location
1 (2011) 8-10 July[19]  ?? Flamstedvej 276, 9260 Gistrup(Aalborg), Denmark[20]
2 (2012) 12-15 July[21]  ?? Flamstedvej 276, 9260 Gistrup(Aalborg), Denmark[22]
3 (2013) 4-7 July[23]  ?? Flamstedvej 276, 9260 Gistrup(Aalborg), Denmark[24]


Furtastic have no themes.

Guests of Honor[edit]

For 2011 and 2012 they have had no Guest of Honor.


For 2011 and 2012 there have been no charity drives.


Current staff[edit]

For Furtastic 2 (2012), the core members of convention staff, and their areas of responsibility, were as follows:[25][26][27]

2013 Staff list is still unknown.


Sponsor list for 2012:[28]

Sponsor list for 2011:[29]


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