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GoldenHorn logo

The logo of GoldenHorn.
Location Flag of Slovenia.svg Slovenia
Status Ongoing
First iteration September 15-17, 2023
Organizer(s) SloFurs
Subject Furry
GoldenHorn (edit)
GoldenHorn logo.png
GoldenHorn 2023
GoldenHorn 2024

GoldenHorn staff
GoldenHorn guests of honor
Goldy, as he appears on the official GoldenHorn 2023 brochure.

GoldenHorn, also known under the abbreviation GH, is an international furry convention held in Slovenia, hosted by SloFurs. The name stems from a Slovenian folk tale of the same name (Slovene: Zlatorog) about an invulnerable magical Alpine chamois or ibex. This also served as inspiration for the official mascot of the convention, Goldy.

Information by year[edit]

Title Dates Theme Venue Location Attendance Notes
GoldenHorn 2023 September 15-17 Ancient Rome Youth Hostel Ajdovščina Ajdovščina 81
GoldenHorn 2024 November 7-10 Furries of the seven seas Adria Ankaran Ankaran

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