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Status Ongoing
First iteration September 24, 2022 (in Eton Centris)
Organizer(s) Furry Brigade Convention Management Services
Resources Photos, videos, reports: PhiliFUR resources

PhiliFUR is a furry convention held in Quezon City, Philippines. Its aim is to bring anthropomorphic animals to life by means of art or cosplaying as their fursona, and to allow for people with the same hobbies to be able to share, create and even express the furry fandom to the Philippines.[1]


The first event is scheduled for September 24, 2022 at the Elements at Eton Centris, Quezon City, Philippines. The theme "The Cyberspace" envisions a future where furries and humans accept each other as equals and coexist peacefully in the year 2078.[2]

The Guests of Honor were Prism the Protogen and NattosBeans.


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