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Further Confusion
Further Confusion logo.png
Other names FurCon, FC
Location San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, California
Status Ongoing
First iteration January 14 to 17, 1999
Organizer(s) Anthropomorphic Arts and Education, Inc.
Charity National Alliance on Mental Illness
Subject Furry
Resources Photos, videos, reports: Further Confusion resources
Further Confusion (edit)
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Further Confusion 2013, V.1
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Visitor Statistics
"Costumes are not consent" official signage

Further Confusion, also known as FurCon or just FC, is an annual convention celebrating the anthropomorphics genre or furry fandom, that takes place in the Bay Area of California, USA, each January.


Beginning in 1999 with attendance of 691 individuals, it has grown rapidly, with 4,509 attendees by 2020.[1]

It was the first event sponsored by Anthropomorphic Arts and Education, Inc. (FurCon is its registered service mark[2]) and continues to be its largest.

It is the 6th largest such convention in the world.

On December 21, 2014, Further Confusion implemented an update to their Code of conduct's Harassment and Assault section to cover fursuiters (full or partials),[3] to come in line with other fandoms' related convention policies.[4]

Services and events[edit]

Further Confusion hosts a Dealers Den, Artists Alley, Art Shows, an Headless lounge, educational seminars, panels, general social activities (Furry Dances), an Iron Artist competition, the original Critterlympics, charity auctions/events (over a grand total $150,000 to various local charitable beneficiaries up to date), and it sports its own in-house Television station (FCTV), that broadcasts during the convention.

Further Confusion has one of the largest art show of any convention in the fandom, with sales routinely exceeding $50,000, with one piece alone, Eyes of the Night by female artist Goldenwolf, going for fandom record amount of $10,000 at Further Confusion 2004, the result of a close, fierce bid battle between Flint Otterhall and a local appreciator of furry art.[5]

Guests of Honor[edit]

As of 2017, Further Confusion no longer invites a Guest of Honor. The convention is considering new directions for its offerings.[6]


Each year, Further Confusion donates money to selected charities. Funds are raised both from its charity auction and from a direct grant given by the convention itself. The following charities have benefitted since Further Confusion was founded:


FC 2010's Keycard
Like many furry conventions, Further Confusion features a different theme every year. Themes for each year are:
  • 1999: Paws Across the Bay
  • 2000: FCY2K
  • 2001: A Furry Odyssey
  • 2002: Further Confusion University
  • 2003: Furries in Wonderland
  • 2004: The Great Outdoors
  • 2005: Furries of the Nile
  • 2006: Renfur: A Knight's Tail
  • 2007: Fur Your Eyes Only
  • 2008: The Fur East [14]
  • 2009: Surf Safari
  • 2010: Gold Rush
  • 2011: Southern Crossings: Furries gone wild!
  • 2012: The Infurmary
  • 2013: The Furbidden Planet
  • 2014: Further Confusion vs. The World
  • 2015: London Fog: A Victorian Murder Mystery
  • 2016: Cafe FC: A Classic American Diner
  • 2017: Going Places: An ode to travel, tourism, and beautiful sights from around the world![15]
  • 2018: Furtastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  • 2019: Going to the Fair
  • 2020: Cyberpunk: Neo San Jose
  • 2021: Further Confusion Goes to Hollywoof
  • 2023: Millennium Edition
  • 2024: Pixelated
  • 2025: Animal Business [16]


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