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Argentina FurFiesta (ArFF)
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ArFF Logos (Small and Big)
Status proposed
First iteration 28-30 June 2019
Organizer(s) Argentina FurFiesta
Charity TBA
Subject furry, convention, Argentina

Argentina FurFiesta, or ArFF, is the second hotel-based furry convention to happen in Argentina and the first one in the city of Buenos Aires.

ArFF is currently preparing its first edition of a 3 day event in hotel with just a few details recently announced, this page will be completed as more information pops up.


The idea of a Furry Convention in Buenos Aires is not new for the local fandom, it has been present since Argentinafurs born in FA back in 2009, by that time, the Argentinian fandom had its own convention UFACon held in the city of Rosario.

Throughout the years dozens of furmeets were organized in Buenos Aires and thanks to that the group started to grow. Eventually a group of furs also organized in Cordoba under the name of Cordoba Furs and they started to organize their own furmeets. As country, numbers became bigger and bigger and eventually it was clear that the group needed a different type of event.

Back in August 2017 and thanks to the influence of Brasil FurFest gears started turning and ideas started popping up, suddenly the staff toyed with the idea of calling it "Argentina FurFest" using the acronym "ArFF". As another year flew by, the staff decided to keep the Acronym but change the name slightly to FurFiesta, to better reflect the spanish language in the name.

By mid 2018, the baseline staff was fully assembled and a suitable hotel candidate for the event was found. Everything else started accelerating as the image and logo took shape.

On October 7th of 2018 the first teasers appeared, the following days artwork made by different artists popped up featuring the same message "something is happening in the streets" and in the 14th the event was announced during the Furmeet XXII held by CordobaFurs in the city of Cordoba a launch trailer came along with that announcement.

More information will be available on the following weeks, the details of the event will be fully unveiled on the furmeet that is going to take place on October 27th organized by Bairesfurs in Buenos Aires.


The event will be kickstarted and it will feature several stretch goals for the community to unlock and enhance the whole experience.


The ArFF Staff, features many well known and experienced furs among the local furry community in Argentina.

For the 2019 edition, Policho was appointed as the convention Chairman.


The event will take place at the Castelar Hotel & Spa in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Hotel is located in the downtown, close by to very important touristic landmarks such as the Obelisco, Casa Rosada and the Congreso de la Nación

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