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Furcation is an open format furry event that takes place [1] at the Combe Martin Beach Holiday park in Combe Martin, North Devon, UK.[1] Described as "Pontins/Butlins for Furries!",[2] Furcation offers accommodation in chalets and caravans that can cater from 1-6 people with various different luxury options.

Furcation has been pitched as an event for those seeking an alternative to the convention format and for those who are looking for a cheaper and more relaxing event to attend.



Tickets for Furcation 2016 started from £47.00 rising to £159.00 depending on the chalet option chosen and number of people sharing. Furcation 2016 also offered an attendance only ticket which gave unlimited access to the event for £20 for the entire weekend.


Furcation was originally scheduled to take place over September 11-14, 2015,[3] at Warrens Holiday Village in Clevedon, North Somerset, England.[3] Due to difficulties with the planned venue, the convention was cancelled for 2015 with the staff expressing the hope to put together an event for 2016.[4]

Furcation 2016 took place over the weekend of October 14-17 2016 at the John Fowler Combe Martin Beach holiday park in Combe Martin. The event attracted 90 registered attendees [5] of which, 48 opted to Sponsor. The event raised £530 for their nominated charity, Secret World [6]. The event has received good reviews from both attendees and the venues own staff who have liked the relaxed nature of Furcation and it's balance between events and social time.


Noting a rise in the number of start-up conventions in the UK,[2] the Furcation organisers wished to step as far away as possible from traditional furry conventions. Hence, instead of being based in a hotel, Furcation looked towards the exclusive use of a holiday camp for the duration of the event.

For 2016, Furcation was based at the Combe Martin Beach Holiday Park in North Devon owned by John Fowler Holidays.


The staff of Furcation 2016 were:[2]



Furcation 2017 took place over the weekend of October 13-16,[7] again at the Combe Martin Beach Holiday Park in North Devon.[7]

The theme of the event was "The Pirates of Combe Martin".[7] £2017 was raised for charity.[8]


Furcation 2017 attracted 213 attendees (an increase of 121 attendees -- or over 76% -- versus 2016) [9]


The staff of Furcation 2017 were:[7]

  • IMrBlueFox: Lighting Operator & Web Developer
  • Jasper Foxx: Furcation Chairman
  • Dodger Husky: Events Manager & DJ
  • Janner: Head of FurcOps
  • Anthropuppy: Vice Chairman & Rigger Assistant
  • Geo Panda: Head of Security
  • Feyyore Dirkear: Head Medic
  • Kosey (Bunny Rah): Head of Rigger Team
  • Vatra: SIA Security Operative
  • BadBoyBunny: SIA Security Operative
  • LupoWuff: Assistant Events Manager
  • Scruff: Head of Photography & Videography
  • Luke Mortora: Registration Team Lead and Media
  • Sayre Foxx: Fursuit Events Coordinator
  • Medosai: PR/Social Media & Media department manager
  • Parsonsda: 3d Modeller - Media Department
  • Poker Fox: Resident Artist - Media Department
  • Zenny Wolf: SIA Security Operative
  • BrandyTheWuff: Assistant Photographer
  • Rwylin Sheppard: Events Steward
  • Little Moo: Resident Artist - Media Department
  • Flux: Videographer
  • Malta Chevron: Events Steward


Furcation 2018 took place between the 12th to the 14th October, with 341 confirmed attendees (a 181% increase compared to 2017). The registration opening broke all of Furcation's previous records, with all accommodation being filled within 48 hours.

For the 2018 convention year, Furcation moved to the Sandaway Beach Holiday Park, Combe Martin, Devon, due to outgrowing the Combe Martin Beach park.

The theme was"Paw And Order: Here Comes The Fuzz".


Furcation 2019 was announced during the 2018 Closing Ceremony. A teaser reel was released shortly after Furcation 2018 ended.

The theme for Furcation 2019 will be "FCTV Live - Saturday Morning TV"


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