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Status Ongoing
First iteration January 26-27, 2019
Organizer(s) NormandiFurs
Resources Photos, videos, reports: FurCalvaDance resources

FurCalvaDance is a furry convention organized by NormandiFurs and held in Saint Martin des Entrées, France.


FurCalvaDance 2019 was the first large furmeet in Normandy, its success inspiring a recurring annual furdance.[1]

Programming and events typically consist of fursuit-optional competitive games, FurOctaGone dance battles, video, board, Dealer's Den, tabletop gaming and nightly dances with DJs. Complimentary brunch is included with basic registration but dinners are optional


The first event was held January 26-27, 2019[2]. There were 49 attendees and was held in the multipurpose room of Sommervieu.


FurCalvaDance 2 poster. Art by Shonen_Dork.

The second event was held February 28-29, 2020.[2] There were 86 attendees[3] and was also held in the multipurpose room of Sommervieu.


FurCalvaDance 3 poster

The third event was held March 5-6, 2022,[2] with a circus theme. There were 130 attendees.[citation needed] For the first time, he was held in the party hall of Saint Martin des Entrées.


FurCalvaDance 4 poster

The fourth event was held February 17-19, 2023,[1] with a vikings theme and expanding to 3 days for the first time. There were 151 attendees. A Dealer's Den has been held for the first time.


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